Training Course on Environmental Economics for University Lecturers

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The Center for Economics and Development Studies (CEDS) in the Faculty of Economics, Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia, hosted the first EEPSEA funded training course on environmental economics for university lecturers in Indonesia from October 13-25, 2008. This training course was dedicated to undergraduate program lecturers in universities who wanted to develop an environmental economics course or subject in their curriculum. Twenty five participants from 22 leading universities in Indonesia were selected to attend the course based on work experience and regional representation. The course followed the outline as that used for the same training in other countries, which basically included: (1) An Introduction to Environmental Economics, (2) The Causes of Environmental Degradation, (3) Economic Efficiency and Markets, (4) Economic Valuation, (5) The Economics of Pollution Control, and (6) The Economics of Natural Resource Use.

The lecturers of the course were prominent environmental economists from Indonesia as well as from EEPSEA. They were Prof. Surna Djayadiningrat from Bandung Institute of Technology; Dr. Arianto Patunru from the University of Indonesia; Prof. Akhmad Fauzi from the Bogor Agriculture Institute and an EEPSEA alumnus; and Prof. Armida Alisjahbana, Dr. Arief Ramayandi, and Dr. Budiono from Padjadjaran University. Two EEPSEA Senior Economists, Dr. Orapan Nabangchang and Dr. Arief Anshory Yusuf, also gave lectures at the course.

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