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Optimizing government revenue from fishery and forestry sectors in Indonesia

Although Indonesia is a country with lots of forest and vast ocean, forestry and fishery sectors not significantly contribute to government revenue.  This paper, try to explore problems in those sectors and try to come up with alternatives that can increase revenue from those sectors.


Does high school economics course affect learning in the university principle of economics?

According to Indonesian National Curriculum year of 2006 (Kurikulum Nasional 2006), economics course is initially offer in tenth grade. It is a compulsory subject in the tenth grade senior high school as all students has to take the economics subject.


Teacher Certification in Indonesia: The confusion of means and ends

In 2006, Indonesia started implementing a nation-wide program of teacher certification with the aim to certify as many as 2.3 million teachers by 2015 with the budgetary cost of as much as US$5,600 million.


Constructing The Index of Indonesian Monthly Private Consumption Expenditure

Private consumption expenditure (PCE) contributes a major share in Indonesian GDP and its growth has been dominating the economic growth. PCE is also linked directly to the welfare of Indonesian people making it even more relevant for its close monitoring.


Rise and Fall of Cities: Measuring Spatial Clustering and Economies of Urban Agglomeration in West Java

With others neighboring Provinces in the western part of Java, the West Java Province shares the southeast Asian most densely urban area (Bodebek as part of Jabodetabek and Greater Bandung).


The Effects of Income Shocks and Credit Constraints on Child Labor Participation: The Case of Indonesia

Lies  near the Eurasia and Indo-Australia’s border plate, Indonesia is categorized as natural disaster prone areas. It is common for Indonesian to experience earthquakes that occurs due to volcanic activities or ground movement.  Beside that fact, Indonesia is also an archipelago.


Determinants of Short-Term Lending to Developing Countries

History shows that development and economic growth in a developing country, is always the role of sources of funds and capital from abroad. Since the end of the Second World War, many developing countries continue to debt. For four decades after the Second World War, the loan of borrower countries (creditors) has been increased sharply.


The Spatial Dimension of Human Development Index in Indonesia

As the new paradigm of economic development pioneered by UNDP and Mahbub Ul-Haq undertaken, development processes no longer viewed as monodimensional process of economic growth indicated by GDP growth solely.


The Impact of ASEAN-China Free Trade Area on The Welfare of Indonesian Household

Free trade agreement between ASEAN and China have been executed early in 2010. Various types of trade tariffs have been removed / lowered to support the agreement and will affect the industry in Indonesia and led to changes in the welfare of households as owners of factors of production.


Forecasting Currency in Circulation: The Case of Indonesia

Achieving stability in the short-term interest rates (i.e., overnight interest rate) of the inter-bank money market around its policy rates, as one of the operational target of monetary policy conducted by Indonesia’s central bank (hereafter referred as Bank Indonesia), could be done through maintaining the balance of supply and demand of banking liquidity in the money market.

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