Other Past Research Projects

Below are the list of other past research project.

Economic Models for Analyzing Climate Change in Indonesia
Ministry of Finance, 2011

The Impact of Moratorium Deforestation to Indonesia Economy
Ministry of Finance, 2011

Alternatives Regional Incentive System to Reduce Green Gas House Emissions from Land use Change
Ministry of Finance, 2011

The Impact of Infrastructure Policy and Optimum Financing Scheme
Ministry of Finance, 2011

Competition in Industry and Trade Sector for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods
Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU), 2011

Developing economy-wide models for planning
Bappenas, 2011

Mid-Term Projection Model for Non Tax Revenues
Ministry of Finance, 2011

Baitul Maal Wat Tamwil (BMT) In West Java
Bank Indonesia, 2011

Valuing the Health Impacts of Haze Pollution in Indonesia
Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia (EPSEA), 2011

Growth, Poverty, and Labor Market Rigidity in Indonesia : A General Equilibrium Investigation
East Asian Development Network (EADN), 2011

Constructing the Index of quarterly private consumption
Ministry of Finance, 2011

Import Monitoring Model
Ministry of Finance, 2010

Cost-Outcome Analysis of PMTCT Treatment Protocols Among HIV Infected Pregnant Women in Bandung
Komisi Penanggulangan Aids Nasional, 2010

Bappenas Computable General Equilibrium Model
Bappenas, 2010

Constructing Economic Model for Non Tax Revenues
Ministry of Finance, 2010

Analyzing of East Asia Free Trade
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2010

Identifying Threshold for Main Economic Indicator in Economic Executive Dashboard (EED)
Ministry of Finance, 2010

Market Competition in Steel Industry
Komisi Pengawas Persaingan Usaha (KPPU), 2010

Spot Check Study For Program Keluarga Harapan (PKH)
PPK UI, 2010

Quasy Money Projection Model
Bank Indonesia (BI), 2009

Local Government Expenditures and Economic Growth of West Java Province
Bank Indonesia (BI), 2009

Global Financial Crisis Impact and the Economy of West Java and Banten 3rd Quarter
Bank of Indonesia (BI), 2009

Instrumentation Fiscal Policy For Climate Change
Ministry of Finance, 2009

Green economy report
State Ministry of Environment (KLH), 2009

Employment Intensive Growth for Indonesia: Job Opportunities for Young Women and Men
International Labour Organization (ILO), 2009

The Impact of Global Economic Crisis on SMEs’ performance
Bank Indonesia (BI), 2009

Global Financial Crisis Impact On the Economy of West Java and Banten 2nd Quarter
Bank of Indonesia (BI), 2009

Prospective Commodity Selection Using Analysis of Global Competitiveness Model
Bank of Indonesia (BI), 2009

Modeling inter-regional CGE model: IRSA-INDONESIA-5 Model
National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), 2009

The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on the Economy of West Java
Bank Indonesia (BI), 2009

Feasibility Study to Establish a Short Course and Masters’ Level Programme course in Labour Market Development
International Labour Organization (ILO), 2008

Assessment of the labour market for the employment intensive manufacturing sectors, including an improved understanding of present and future opportunities for employment in selected sub-sectors: Case of Indonesian Food and Beverage Industry
International Labour Organization (ILO), 2008

Monitoring Threshold of Indonesian Economic Indicators
Ministry of Finance, 2008

Development of AGEFIS (Applied General Equilibrium for Fiscal Policy Analysis)
Ministry of Finance, 2008

Regional competitiveness: Perspective, profile, and its assessment in Indonesia’s regencies/municipalities
Bank Indonesia, 2007

Employment Protection Legislation and Labor Market Flexibility: International Evidence and Lessons for Indonesia – The Cases of Outsourcing and Fixed – term Contracts
The World Bank, 2007

Development and Improvement of MODFI: A Macro Model of the Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Finance, 2007

Rural-Urban Migration in China and Indonesia: Patterns, Consequences and Policy Interventions
The Australian National University, 2006

Study of Non-formal Education
The German Development Cooperation, GTZ office in Indonesia, 2006

Economic Modeling Capacity Building to Increase Indonesian Regional Public University's Participation in National and Regional Policy Making
Collaboration with Centre of Policy Studies (CoPS), Monash University, 2006

SMEs Credit Disbursement Model
Bank Indonesia, 2006

Formulation of a Medium Term Model for Tobacco Excise Tax Revenue
Ministry of Finance, Government of Indonesia, 2005

Impact of Contract Farming and Foreign Direct Investment on Small Farmers in Indonesia: Surveys on Contract Farming and Related Issues
International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, 2005

Mapping SMEs Prospects and Potentials in West Java
Credit Bureau, Bank Indonesia, 2005

Model and Estimation of Household Consumption Credit
Bank Indonesia, 2004

Fiscal Sustainability and Medium Term Financing
the Ministry of Finance, 2004

Indonesia's Employment Protection Legislation: Swimming Against the Tide?

The Development of SMEs Financing Schemes
Office of the Coordinating Ministry of the Economy, Government of Indonesia, 2004

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