Brown Bag Seminar on Middle Class, 3 April 2014

PhD programme in Applied Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University (DET FEB UNPAD) cordially invites you to attend the brown bag seminar series on:

Day/Date: Thursday, 3 April 2014
Time      : 2pm - 4pm
Place      : Aula MET, Jl. Cimandiri No. 8, Bandung

Everyone is welcome to attend DET’s Brown Bag Seminar, this event is free for public. However, online registration is needed: http://tinyurl.com/brownbagseminar


Authors: Lukas Schlogl & Andy Sumner* (King's College London)

The emergence of a “new middle” or a group of people that are neither poor nor in all likelihood completely secure from poverty in many middle-income countries (MICs) raises a series of questions: Is this group really a new ‘middle class’? How is this group new or different from the established ‘middle class’ or the poor or rich (however defined)? What does the new group mean for understandings of societal stratification? In this paper we take the case of Indonesia in order to explore the characteristics of this new group that is evident in many MICs and develop a building block towards a multi-dimensional approach to the new group. We use 5 rounds of DHS household asset data for the period 1994-2012 to consider the evolution of societal stratification through transportation assets during economic development in Indonesia.

* Andy Sumner is co-director of the King’s International Development Institute at King’s College London, a new institute focusing on the emerging economies. He is an interdisciplinary development economist with research interests in the structural causes of poverty and the interaction of economic growth, structural change and income distribution. His research covers global poverty and Southeast Asia, specifically, Indonesia. In 2011 he was listed in Foreign Policy magazine’s ‘Top 100 Global Thinkers’.

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