Academics across Indonesia participate in a CEDS 2-weeks CGE training as part of PRSCO conference

As many as 40 academics from all over Indonesia participate in a CGE training organized by CEDS UNPAD. This training is part of the  23rd Pacific Conference of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI)/the 4th Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) Institute. The training is scheduled to be two parts. First is a web-based training from 10-21 June 2013 and second is a regular training to be held on 30 June to 1 July, 2013 in Bandung, Indonesia.

Participants of the training are Indonesian participants who attend PRSCO 2013 conference (the 23rd Pacific Conference of RSAI and the 4th IRSA Institute). The call for participants attracted more applications than the space available. The selected 40 participants represent almost all regions of Indonesia.

Training participants learn the basic concept, theoretical foundation, data construction, and assumptions of the IndoTerm model, a bottom-up inter-regional model of the Indonesian economy. They will learn for a  better understanding of what the model can be used for as well as to be familiar with how to use the model to perform various relevant simulations and interpret their results. It is hoped that by completing the training, participants will understand the role of economic models like IndoTerm in improving the analytical quality of government policies or directives on various issues of  Indonesian regional development.

The training is hosted and organized by CEDS, UNPAD and also supported by the Asian Development Bank, Indonesian office.

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