CEDS, ADB, and BAPPENAS introduced IndoTERM model to Connectivity Working Group

Center for economics and Development Studies (CEDS) UNPAD, Asian Development Bank (ADB), and BAPPENAS introduced the IndoTERM CGE model to the connectivity working group. IndoTERM model is a bottom-up inter-regional CGE model with detail sectoral and regional feature.

It include 30 provinces of Indonesia treated as distinct economy and with up to 175 sector disaggregation. The model can be used to analyze the impact of various policies and initiatives to improve domestic connectivity in Indonesia.

The connectivity working group is a group consisting policy makers from various ministries coordinated by BAPPENAS lead by Dr. Monty Giriana. The connectivity working group is a relevant user of the model because of its mandate to analyze various aspect of Indonesian MP3EI program.

Held in Arya Duta Hotel, Jakarta, Wednesday, August 15, 2012, The workshop titled "IndoTERM model as an analytical tool for connectivity improvement" was open by Bappenas representative stressing the need for this analytical tool. Dr. Edimon Ginting, ADB senior economist started the talk by introducing the motivation and background of the model construction. The workshop was followed by an elaborate presentation of the model by Dr. Arief Anshory Yusuf, CEDS Director ended with a short hands-on where all participants can try to use the model to simulate various aspect of connectivity improvement.


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