13 CEDS researchers presented in IRSA 2012

The 11th Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) International Conference was held in Banjarmasin, Kalimantan on 9-11 July 2012.


The conference was hosted by Faculty of Economics, Lambung Mangkurat University. 13 delegates from CEDS presented papers in the conference. The main objective of this international conference is to explore the challenges and obstacles in natural resource management, environmental protection and improvement in the people’s welfare, more than 10 years after the implementation of Indonesia’s decentralization policy. The conference will facilitate open discussions and debates, the transfer of knowledge, strategies for policy formulation, and networking amongst researchers and academicians. The conference plenary speakers include Prof. Armida Alisjahbana (IRSA Presiden), Prof. Iwan Jaya Azis (Cornel University), Dr. Sidhart Chandra (Michigan State University), and many others.

CEDS project with Global Development Network also held two special sessions in the conference. GDN supported sessions on issues related to education, health and water services delivery.

Papers presented by CEDS researchers:

  1. Fegional financial incentives for reducing deforestation and its implication on the disparity of inter-regional transfer in indonesia - presented by Arief Anshory Yusuf
  2. Microinsurance for Disaster - presented by Irena P. Pramono
  3. The Green Saving Account : One Step Ahead to Local Economic Development and a Greener Environment - presented by Harlan I.
  4. Land Use Change in Indonesia 1980-2010: A Perspective from Forest Transition Theory - presented by Rangga Prihandana
  5. Attitudes, opinions and willingness to pay: a study on municipal solid waste management in bandung municipality - presented by Martin D. Siyaranamual
  6. Restructuring Indonesian Economy toward Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction: An Input-Output Analysis with Explicit Treatment of Non-CO2 Emissions - presented by Frisky S. Permana
  7. Economic Development, Carbon Emissions, and Inter-regional Disparity: An Inter-regional CGE analysis of Agriculture Expansion in Papua, Indonesia - presented by Irlan Adiyatma Rum
  8. The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Its Implication on the Food Security in Indonesia: A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis - presented by Wawan Hermawan
  9. The Economic Implication of Deforestation Moratorium in Indonesia: A General Equilibrium Investigation - presented by Yangki I. Suara
  10. Socio Economic Background and Political Participation: The Case of Karimun Regency - presented by Mirza Ayunda Pratiwi
  11. Upscaling ARP through PUSKESMAS: A Policy Simulation - presented by Pipit Pitriyan
  12. Increasing the Poor’s Higher Education Participation: A Policy Simulation in West Java - presented by Mohamad Fahmi
  13. Increasing Access to Water Service in West Java: A policy simulation - presented by Ahmad Komarulzaman



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