ADB economists: Government growth target is feasible

Despite weaker economic growth for 2014, Indonesian economy is forecasted to start recovering in the fourth quarter of this year, and to rebound to 5.7% growth in 2015. At the same time, inflation will increase temporarily as a result of government decision to increase fuel price last week.


BIES Economic Dialogue: Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesian Society

BIES Economic dialogue adalah forum memasyarakatkan hasil-hasil riset yang dipublikasikan di jurnal Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies. Acara rutin ini terselenggara atas kerjasama Center for Economics and Development Studies (CEDS), UNPAD, Indonesia Project, The Australian National University.


FKP Seminar: From ThreeME to TigaSaya: the adaptation of a multisectoral macroeconomic CGE model to the Indonesian economic context

CEDS is hosting November'14 Forum Kajian Pembangunan (FKP). FKP is a consortium consisting of various institutions in Indonesia. In collaboration with the Indonesia Project, The Australian National University, It holds a series of research based policy forums discussing research outcomes related to topical policy issues in Indonesia. Institutions in the consortium take turns on a monthly basis to host the forums.


International researchers visited CEDS to discuss global inequality issues

There has been increasing concern over rising inequality in many part of the world. Indonesia is one of the few countries which experienced a rapid increase of inequality recently. This can be an interest not only of national researchers but also researchers from many other countries.


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