Ahmad Komarulzaman

Mr. Ahmad Komarulzaman is a Lecturer and researcher at the Department of Economics, Padjadjaran University. He has been a researcher at CEDS since 2005. Mr. Komarulzaman earned his bachelor degree in Environmental & Natural Resources Economics from Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia (2005), a Masters degree in Environmental & Natural Resources Economics from Wageningen University & Research Center, The Netherlands (2009) Mr. Komarulzaman’s research interest is in the area of Environmental & Natural Resources Economics, CGE and his recent research topic is on Increasing Access to Water Service in Bandung Regency: A Policy Simulation.

Recent publications:

  1. Komarulzaman, A., de Jong, E., & Smits, J. (2017). The switch to refillable bottled water in Indonesia: a serious health risk. Journal of Water and Health, wh2017319.
  2. Komarulzaman, A., Smits, J., & de Jong, E. (2017). Clean water, sanitation and diarrhoea in Indonesia: Effects of household and community factors. Global public health, 12(9), 1141-1155.
  3. Hartono, D., Irawan, T., & Komarulzaman, A. (2014). Energy pricing policies in Indonesia: A computable general equilibrium model (No. 7344). EcoMod.
  4. Komarulzaman, A. (2013). Increasing Access to Water Services in Bandung Regency: A Policy Simulations Exercise. A report prepared for Global Development Network.
  5. Yusuf, A. A., Komarulzaman, A., Roos, E. L., & Horridge, M. (2013). Regional economic and emissions implication of oil palm development scenarios: A dynamic inter-regional CGE analysis for Indonesia. In 23rd Pacific Conference of the Regional Science Association International (RSAI)/The 4th Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA) Institute, July (pp. 2-3).

    E-mail: ahmad.komarulzaman[at]fe.unpad.ac.id


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