Ekki Syamsulhakim

Mr. Ekki Syamsulhakim is a Senior lecturer and researcher at the Department of Economics, Padjadjaran University. He has been a researcher at CEDS since 1999. Mr. Syamsulhakim earned his bachelor degree in Economics from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia (1998), a Masters degree in Economics from Monash University, Australia (2004), and is finishing his Ph.D in Econometrics from Monash University, Australia (2013). Mr. Syamsulhakim’s research interest is in the area of Economics of the family/household, Education Economics, Applied Microeconometrics and his recent research topic is on Essays on Household Composition and Children's Educational Outcomes in Indonesia: A Microeconometric Approach (PhD Thesis)

Recent publications:

  1. Syamsulhakim, Ekki, (2012), Endogeneity of Continuous Variable in a Probit Model: Remedy and Application, Paper presented on Brown Bag Seminar, PhD program in Applied Economics, Padjadjaran University
  2. Syamsulhakim, Ekki, (2009), Household Size and Children's Schooling Attendance: Snapshot of the Past and Implication for the Future, in The Voice of Indonesian Future Leaders, Reni Suwarso and Mohamad Fahmi eds., pp 244-259, the Association of Indonesian Student in Australia
  3. Syamsulhakim, Ekki, (2009), Household Characteristics and Children's Educational Outcomes: Indonesian case, Paper Presented at the Higher Degree by Research Student Workshop, Development Research Unit and International Business Research Group, Monash University (Awarded Best Method and Research Design by Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University)
  4. Syamsulhakim, Ekki, (2008), The significance of Sampling Design on Inference: An Analysis of Binary Outcome Model of Children's Schooling Using Indonesian Large Multi-stage Sampling Data, Presented at the Indonesian Future Leader International Conferenc
  5. Rachmawati, Erna, and Ekki Syamsulhakim, (2004), Factor Affecting Mudaraba Deposits in Indonesia, Journal of Faculty of Economics Padjadjaran University
  6. E-mail: ekki.syamsulhakim[at]fe.unpad.ac.id



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