BIES Economic Dialogue: "Non-Tariff Trade Regulations in Indonesia: Nominal and Effective Rates of Protection"


Center of Economics and Development Studies (CEDS ) Universitas Padjadjaran and Australian National University (ANU)-Indonesia Project proudly present BIES Economic Dialogue Seminar:

"Non-Tariff Trade Regulations in Indonesia:Nominal and Effective Rates of Protection "

Date and Time: Monday, 11th December 2017/08.30 am - 12 pm
Venue : Executive Lounge Universitas Padjadjaran, Kampus Unpad Dipati Ukur No. 35, Bandung
Speakers   :    Prof. Stephen Marks (Pomona College, USA)
Discussant : 1. Prof. Peter Warr (ANU, Australia)
                     2. Titik Anas, Ph.D (CEDS, Unpad)
                     3. KADIN West Java (to be confirmed)
Moderator :   Mr. Harlan Dimas Isjwara (CEDS)

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Non-tariff regulations on imports and exports have spread in Indonesia since 2011. I report findings of a study of many of these regulations, in which a variety of methods were used to estimate the associated nominal rates of protection. These findings are then used to estimate effective rates of protection (ERPs) across 140 tradable-goods sectors in the Indonesian economy as of early 2015, taking into account the effects of the most favored nation and preferential import tariff schedules, antidumping and safeguards duties, export levies, duty drawbacks and exemptions, domestic subsidies, and excise taxes. I find that the magnitude and dispersion of ERPs are higher than in early 2008, for which a similar study was previously conducted, and that much of the variability is related to quantitative trade restrictions. In particular, the regulations examined boost a measure of the cost of living by 7.6 percent in 2015 versus 2.0 percent in 2008

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