Fitri Hastuti

Ms. Fitri Hastuti is a Lecturer and researcher at the Department of Economics, Padjadjaran University. She has been a researcher at CEDS since 2002. Ms. Hastuti earned her bachelor degree in International Economics from Padjadjaran University, Indonesia (2001), a Masters degree in International Finance from Indonesia University, Indonesia (2004) Ms. Hastuti’s research interest is in the area of Financial Economics, Market Microstructure, Banking and Finance, Monetary Economics, and her recent research topic is on The Effectiveness of Linkage Program Implementation in Improving Intermediation Function of Banking Sectors in Cirebon Region.

Recent publications:

  1. Hastuti, F. (2017). Islamic Banking in Indonesia: Determinants that Stimulate Its Role as Focal Financial Intermediaries. Government and Communities: Sharing Indonesia’s Common Goals, 159.
  2. Hastuti, F., & No, J. D. U. (2007). The Analysis of Adverse Selection Problems in Lending Activities of Sharia Banks: Literature Review and Its Condition in Indonesia.
  3. Hastuti, F. (2004). ECONOMIC EXPOSURE OF INDONESIAN CORPORATION. Jurnal ekonomi, 19(2), 82.
  4. Remi, S. S., & Hastuti, F. (2002). Profil koperasi di Jawa Barat, 2001. Dinas Koperasi dan Usaha Kecil Menengah Provinsi Jawa Barat: Pusat Penelitian (Puslit) Kependudukan, Lembaga Penelitian, Universitas Padjadjaran.

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CEDS is supported by all permanent and non-permanent lecturers and researchers of the Department of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Business, Padjadjaran University. We have at least 56 research staff, of which 24 of them have PhD degrees in various sub-discipline of economics.

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